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What is Jector?

Jector is a cloud storage service that not only stores, but also drives all creative teams towards the birth of much more incredibly innovative contents.


Centralized Project Management

You can invite members to the project folder and centralize file management. You can set limits for upload/download for each member, so you can share files safely. Members can attach comments on the files, so you can finish all communications on Jector. Furthermore, members receive notification when a change has been made to the file, so there is no need to inform other members by mail/chat every time you upload a new file.

Preview and Stream

Users can preview/stream various files on the cloud. There is no need to download a big amount of data for confirmation. Compatible with professional image data like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, video data like MP4, MOV, MXF, music files like MP3, and more. You can check all the pages for data like PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

Robust Security

Jector comes with various security features to protect the contents of its users. All files get checked for viruses and all transfers are encrypted. There are also 2-Step Verification to prevent identity theft, a log that records all activities, a mandatory password for file post and request mail, a feature that logs you out if there is no activity for a certain amount of time, and other features to protect data.

User-friendly Apps

Directly accessible from Mac's Finder and Windows' Explorer. You can access data from anywhere with the same usability as the current file server or NAS. You can also preview/stream files on the cloud using applications on your iPhone or iPad. You can use the regular features of Jector such as file post and comment from your mobile app.

High Speed Conversion

With GPU processing, Jector has an original cloud system that converts files at high speed and quality. It generates higher quality proxies at faster speeds than any other major cloud storage services.

Uploaded video data: 3GB / ProRes HQ / 2880x1620
Environment: 67.21 Mbps / Mac 10.11 / Chrome version 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit)
- Verified by Nekojarashi Inc. on December 2015, Tokyo -

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